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Evolving Aircraft Ownership
We Are QS Partners
About Us
Our innovative solutions lead to optimal outcomes

QS Partners is an aircraft brokerage firm built on a foundation of unsurpassed integrity and reliability. Our data-driven, experience-based approach provides you the necessary confidence to execute a first-time purchase or a complex fleet transition. We continue to build our business—and our reputation—one relationship at a time.

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Your Reliable Advisers

There is no area of aviation that your trusted advisers aren’t experts in. We plan for your needs today and anticipate your needs in the future—and aren’t afraid to pause or forgo a transaction if we find it is in your best long-term interest.

We anticipate and solve issues along the way by applying expert knowledge.
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Built on a Solid Foundation

Our parent company, NetJets, was established in 1964 as the first private business jet charter and aircraft management company in the world. They had been managing whole aircraft transitions for years without formally promoting this service. NetJets established QS Partners in 2016, recognizing the growing need for a company dedicated to delivering custom solutions for any type of aircraft transaction. In 2018, QS Partners acquired Cerretani Aviation, more than doubling our size and expanding our global network of resources.

Our relationship with NetJets affords us the flexibility to purchase assets and creatively structure the right transactions for our clients. It also imparts stability that only Berkshire Hathaway can provide, allowing us to focus 100% of our energy on what is most important—our clients.

NetJets Inc., backed by Berkshire Hathaway and including QS Partners, has purchased and sold more aircraft than any other broker or dealer.
Meeting Your Needs

Whether you aim to purchase an aircraft, sell an aircraft, transition to a new private aviation solution, or utilize our expertise to guide you, our expert consultants will help you find the right solution for your current and future needs.

Meet Your Team
portrait of paul kirby
Paul Kirby
Executive Vice President

Paul’s commitment to this industry includes his two-term service as chairman of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), the leading organization of aircraft dealers and support companies—all of whom adhere to the industry’s most stringent ethical guidelines. A commercial-rated pilot for over 25 years, Paul has co-founded a number of successful small businesses, including Kirby Ramsey Aviation Group and Cerretani Aviation Group.
portrait of eric deye
Eric Deye
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

Growing up in an aviation family, Eric went from flying around the world to operating his own aircraft and studying aeronautical science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. With over 25 years’ experience in business aviation, Eric brings a unique expertise to the QS Partners team. This includes a distinctively detailed and process-driven style with the ability to foster long-term relationships, which he leverages to connect airplanes to clients’ needs with ease.
portrait of david foster
David Foster
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

David has purchased and sold hundreds of aircraft around the world. He began in 1995 with the sale of a 1979 Bell 206B III. Since that first transaction, David worked for more than 20 years at Ogara Aviation Company as Director of Acquisitions, Executive Vice President, and, ultimately, Owner. He joined Cerretani Aviation Group in 2017. David specializes in every aspect of aircraft acquisition and sales.
portrait of jonathan gardner
Jonathan Gardner
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

Jonathan joined Cerretani Aviation Group in 2014 and has since been involved in the acquisition and sale of business aircraft, establishing a record of successful business jet transactions and satisfied clients. He is well-known among aircraft owners, fleet managers, dealers, and brokers for his integrity, competence, and hard work.
portrait of Kyle Gould
Kyle Gould
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

With a diverse background and zeal for aviation, Kyle provides technical expertise to the QS Partners team. Kyle is a licensed airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic as well as an active private pilot. This technical knowledge, along with prior experience at Textron Aviation and Executive Jet Management, equips Kyle with an expansive understanding of private aviation and adds unique value to our team and clients.
portrait of troy lawson
Troy Lawson
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

Troy is a private pilot and retired U.S. Air Force veteran who brings a wealth of experience to QS Partners, including over 18 years of sales and marketing at Cessna Aircraft/Textron Aviation. While at Cessna, Troy was successful in many new and pre-owned aircraft sales territories and positions—experience that provides his clients the counsel and wisdom to navigate today’s rapidly evolving market.
portrait of josh rosenblatt
Josh Rosenblatt
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

With over two decades of aviation experience, Josh has dedicated his career to aviation. He has been intimately involved in corporate jet sales, facilitating many aircraft transactions all over the world. Josh has also served in C-suite leadership roles, overseeing all aspects of the aircraft ownership process while managing the assets for the aircraft owners. This experience provides a broad perspective to guide QS Partners’ clients through the aircraft sales process and helps bring deals to a successful conclusion. He has amassed thousands of hours as a professional pilot and holds several aircraft type-ratings and an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating.
Portrait of Tyler Stauch
Tyler Stauch
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

Tyler’s passion proves obvious in every interaction about aviation. He is a licensed private pilot and a graduate of The Ohio State University Aviation Program. Tyler joined NetJets in 2013 with a focus in their pre-owned fleet transactions. Today with QS Partners, Tyler leverages his knowledge of the fractional ownership programs, aircraft operations, and aircraft transactions to exceed client expectations across all areas of aircraft sales and operations.
portrait of colton stewart
Colton Stewart
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

Colton brings a mind of expertise from NetJets, QS Partners’ counterpart in the fractional aviation industry. Prior to his role as VP, Brokerage & Acquisition, Colton spent multiple years on the NetJets Sales team and QS Partners Sales Engineering team developing a depth of knowledge in all aspects of the private aviation industry, including charter, fractional, and aircraft management.
portrait of corey westfall
Corey Westfall
Vice President, Aircraft Brokerage

Now based in Southern Florida, Corey applies his aviation, sales, and legal experience to assist clients in acquiring and selling aviation assets. Corey joined QS Partners in December 2020 after earning aviation experience at the U.S. Senate, Bombardier Aerospace, Mallorca’s Real Club Deportivo Mallorca, Vienna’s FL3XX, and South Florida’s THE Charter Experience.
portrait of brett mccabe
Brett McCabe
Director, Sales Engineering

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, home of the Wright brothers, Brett developed an early passion for aviation. Prior to joining QS Partners, Brett excelled in various roles at NetJets where he was responsible for aircraft sales reporting and analysis, product development initiatives, and fleet-planning strategies.
portrait of hayden wehrly
Hayden Wehrly
Manager, Sales Engineering

Hayden has a wide range of experience in the aviation industry. His passion for aircraft started during an internship with NetJets. He then went on to work for Textron Aviation, the OEM for Cessna and Beechcraft product. After completing a rotational program in maintenance centers, aircraft deliveries, parts sales, business operations, and more, Hayden sold new and pre-owned aircraft for Textron. Later, he returned to NetJets and worked in sales. Now Hayden has transitioned to QS Partners, conducting extensive research as a sales engineer.
portrait of Janae Jantz-Auer
Janae Jantz-Auer
Closing Coordinator

Prior to joining QS Partners, Janae excelled as a closing and escrow manager at Gilchrist Aviation, formally DeBee Gilchrist. In this role, she collaborated with the Federal Aviation Administration Registry, specializing in thousands of business aircraft closings. While working with clients from around the world, Janae successfully developed the unique ability to make closings both effortless and easy to understand.
portrait of susan deangelis
Susan DeAngelis
Manager, Administration & Projects

With a background in sales support and digital marketing, Susan joined Cerretani Aviation in 2017, and with that came the opportunity to learn about private aviation sales from some of the industry's most highly regarded experts. Upon merging with QS Partners, the team and its capabilities expanded, as did her role. She enjoys managing the company's marketing efforts, customer relations, and other unique projects, and she strives to provide a pleasant experience for customers at every stage of their involvement with QS Partners.
QS Partners 101
Who is QS Partners?

QS Partners is an aircraft brokerage firm composed of some of the most proficient, competent, and highly regarded aircraft brokers in the industry. Our experience-based, data-driven approach provides our clients the necessary confidence to execute a first-time purchase or a complex fleet transition. We continue to build our business—and our reputation—one relationship at a time.

Why Choose QS Partners?

We are expert aviation guides who value our long-term, ongoing relationships and offer full transparency throughout the entire process of selling, purchasing, transitioning, and consultancy. NetJets Inc., backed by Berkshire Hathaway and including QS Partners, has purchased and sold more aircraft than any other broker or dealer. Furthermore, our experts embody a wealth of experience in maintenance, operations, and management, all essential to a successful transaction. Combined with the financial capability of Berkshire Hathaway, we offer solutions unavailable with any other broker.

Can QS Partners Assist Me in Buying an Aircraft?

Absolutely. After assessing your needs, we assist in the selection of an appropriate model aircraft with the optimal combination of performance, budget, and market conditions. We then identify specific aircraft that meet your needs and preferences while guiding you through the process of contracting, inspecting, closing, and entering service.

Do you have access to inventory?

Yes. As a wholly owned subsidiary of NetJets, the largest buyer of new aircraft in the world, QS Partners has exclusive access to new and pre-owned inventory. We also maintain the largest research staff in the industry who continually monitor available aircraft throughout the jet markets, including aircraft not publicly listed for sale.

Can QS Partners Sell My Aircraft?

Certainly. Our team has successfully negotiated and managed countless aircraft transactions throughout the U.S. and around the world. Our aviation professionals offer unsurpassed expertise in all aspects of the selling process so you can feel confident and secure in our handling of your transaction.

Can QS Partners recommend a private aviation solution?

Yes. As your trusted advisers, it is crucial for us to listen and ask the right questions to thoroughly understand your past, and current, private aviation needs. If whole aircraft ownership isn’t ideal for you, we help determine the best alternate solution. Those in need of aircraft management or private jet chartering options are introduced to Executive Jet Management, while clients looking for fractional (shared) ownership, lease, and card options will benefit from learning about NetJets.

Can QS Partners assist me long term?

Yes. While other brokers may focus on the transaction, we invest in the ongoing relationship with each client. Because your private travel needs will change over time, we provide substantiated, long-term consultancy for businesses and individuals. This allows us to proactively work with you to ensure your needs are met with the right travel solution at the right time.